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Delores Morris
Delores Morris

Delores is an avid traveler and tries to experience as much as she can. She likes to immerse herself in the culture of the place where she is and find things to do that are not as mainstream. When she isn’t off on an adventure she likes to plan and plot her next trip.

Ways You Can Support Local Businesses During The Pandemic

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on each and everybody. Social distancing has been hard on everyone but most disproportionately affected have to be small businesses. They are at the heart of every community. For them every customer that walks in through the door is essential and if that number falls the consequences can often be very harsh for these businesses.

They play a vital part in our day to day lives and are often unlocked. If you can in any capacity support locals at this point you might invariably end up helping your local economy as well. So, what can you do to help out businesses at this time?

Try And Shop Via Local Stores Online

At this point if you want to travel your Amazon account is your vacation. The amount of random things people have picked up from there is nobody’s business. So, if you can add to the profits of a  conglomerate like Amazon, I’m sure you can go online and buy things from an independent store or two.  

This is also a great time to make a purchase from an indie bookstore as well. Most small stores keep an inventory online and right now they are offering free local deliveries. This is applicable to all businesses so you can get whatever it is that you want right at your doorstep. 

Gift Cards To The Rescue 

Most service-based businesses like movie theaters and spas have been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus. Since they don’t sell products cash flow has completely stopped. The best way you can help out is by purchasing a couple of gift cards to use down the line. 

Many shops are even offering bonuses on gift cards, so you can treat yourself or someone you love with a couple of them.  Even the smallest purchase right now can create a massive impact on the business you love. Plus, just imagine whenever you decide to use the gift card it will be like a free purchase. 

Get A Delivery

When it comes to your favorite places to eat, you really should not be seen on location. It isn’t advised in any capacity whatsoever. So no dining in at the moment. But what you can do for your favorite restaurant is that you can still enjoy your favorite meal at home. Most restaurants are taking precautions to ensure that the food is prepared with the hygienic conditions set by the CDC. 

You can safely order via a food delivery service or use the restaurant’s own website, drive-thru, or avail curbside pickup service

Tip Extra

Whether you are ordering from a grocery store or ordering dinner because you cannot leave your house. You can assist local businesses in making their way through this economic crisis simply by tipping a little extra than what you normally would. Considering they are working fewer hours, but doing double the work, means they are receiving fewer tips than ever. If you have the privilege of being able to afford a massive tip, make someone else’s day. You probably have the option of adding the tip to the total on the bill to avoid any kind of contact with the delivery person. 

Continue Paying The People Who Work for You

Everyone has taken this self-quarantine very seriously. You probably canceled everything that you would usually do. That means no housekeepers and tutors are available anymore. But just because they cannot work for you right now does not mean they can never work for you. Try and pay them their wages. If you have a service that you were scheduled to get done, instead of canceling or asking for a refund, reschedule it. 

Simply rescheduling an appointment with cleaners, painters, contractors, plumbers or a salon will ease some of the anxiety caused to them by the uncertainty all around. 

Shop Local Produce

Markets and grocery stores are doing a great job of keeping up with high demand. Buying grocery at local markets can help support the workers who need it the most. Whenever we want to get our hands on the freshest produce we make our way to the Farmer’s market. But during these uncertain trying times, they will require our support to make it to the other side

One needs to understand that it is not just the owners you are worried about the future of their establishments. It is also the cooks, bartenders, servers, and retail employees who work there. If you can just do a little bit for the community, it just might help them sail through. 

Best Food Buys During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Countries all over the world are making laws regarding COVID-19 a lot more stringent. Businesses all over are temporarily closing down, and that itself will affect normal food-related practices. People of age groups are being told to stay inside their house and for an entire generation synonymous with take out, this is not translating well.

Good nutrition is a crucial aspect of a healthy life. A little more than before in recent times. But right now, at this time when you need fresh food more than ever before limited availability can quickly become an issue. A healthy and varied diet will be a little difficult to fashion but not impossible

 To maintain optimal health it is extremely important to remain physically active throughout this period of quarantine. To stay physically active at home there are different things you can do, you can buy the best recumbent bike on the market to make this part of your health a little easier to maintain.

We have compiled a list of best foods you can stock up on. These are foods that have high nutritional value and are affordable, accessible and most importantly long-lasting. 

Fresh Fruit And Vegetables 

The minimum amount of fruits and vegetables a person should have in a day is 400g(about 5 portions).  If you want to stock up then try and get citrus fruits like clementines, grapefruits, and oranges they have a long shelf life. You can even get some bananas and apples which you can cut and freeze for future use. Moving on to the vegetables, root vegetables like beets, turnips, and carrots as well as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli are great picks. For longevity, even garlic, ginger and onions are great options if you want to add flavor to an entire array of meals.

Frozen Fruits And Vegetables

If you feel you lack the understanding to store fresh fruits, you can always get some frozen ones. They hold the same high levels of vitamins and fibers and are much less expensive than their fresh counterparts. You can get some berries, pineapple, and mangoes and then enjoy them in juices, porridge or yogurt.

They are highly nutritious, and eating them will surely fulfill the quota for the day. 


These are a standard in any vegetarian’s kitchen. But if you are planning to but something with a long shelf life and is inexpensive at the same time, pick this up from any grocery store around you,  Beans, lentils, chickpeas, and other pulses are rather versatile and additionally a great source of fiber, minerals, vegetable protein and vitamins, You can make practically anything with it stews, spreads, soups and salads. You name it, it is possible with it. 

Starchy Roots And Whole Grains 

These are great to leave out on the shelf without the fear of them going bad. Wholegrain rice, pasta, buckwheat, oats, quinoa, and any other unrefined whole grain does the trick. Additionally, whole grain bread and unsalted crackers are also great staples to add to your pantry. You can even freeze the bread to use later. Certain starchy roots like potatoes, cassava, and sweet potatoes are good sources of carbs to fuel your body. 

Dried Nuts, Seeds and Fruits

Try to get them in the unsalted and unsweetened category as that is the healthiest. They work great as healthy snacks on their own or if you want they make a great addition to salads, porridge, and other meals. If you see any nut butters or spreads, even they are a great option as long as they don’t add any palm oil, sugar or salt.

Canned Vegetables

Even though fresh and frozen are the usual way to go about this, canned vegetables like spinach, peas, mushrooms, tomatoes and green beans also make great alternatives with a decent shelf life.  They also help you complete the daily nutritional quota of vegetables. Try and ensure as much as you can options that have low to no added salt. 

With the above staples, you will be able to create a decent pantry to make your life much easier throughout this quarantine. You try to make a couple of basic dishes while you are under a house arrest. You never know you might actually enjoy the whole process of cooking. If you don’t want to do this, you can order in from local businesses around you as they are the hardest hit at this time. Every bit you can do to help will pay off in the end.