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How to Keep Your Emotional Support Dog Happy

Your emotional support dog ensures you get copious joy and happiness. They try to alleviate the pain by providing constant support for the wellbeing of their owner. An ESA does an invaluable job to calm you down and keep you emotionally balanced. With their support, you start staying happy and become more productive in day to day activities. The playful pets become your best friends within days and provide comfort to do daily activities efficiently. Most of the people are of the thought that if an emotional support dog is doing so much to alleviate the symptoms of their ailment, even they should be happy.

To return the favor and ensure your emotional support pet is comfortable and happy, they want to care for them like a family member. This ensures continuous support from their side that helps in debilitating mental disorders. Although they eat anywhere and dirty the carpet, the benefits of having an ESA outweigh the mess created by them. You can choose from a variety of pets according to your space and need. Read on to find ways to keep your pets happy.

Take them out

Every pet who exercises stays happy. Going outdoors and doing some exercise is one of the best ways to keep your pet happy. When they exercise, the muscles burst endorphins and lungs & heart pumps. You’ll notice that after a good walk or vigorous exercise, their happiness levels touch the roof. Set up a routine to take your dog to a good run, this will not only make your dog happy and healthy but also contribute to your fitness level. A huge burst of chemicals will balance your mood swings.

Keep Them Hydrated

Pets also need proper hydration and diet, like humans. If they don’t consume the optimal amount of water, their body functions are affected.

When your ESA is optimally hydrated, the happiness and wellbeing are well-balanced. However, when an ESA is thirsty, they’re uncomfortable, and low on energy. Chronic dehydration leads to health complications and impacts their wellbeing. A properly hydrated pet is more active and playful and is quite helpful in combating the symptoms of mental disabilities when you go out for a vacation to New York or simply lunch. When a pet is properly hydrated, it can easily withstand the high or low temperatures when you head out. Also ensure that you pack your backpack efficiently– carry a bottle, to rehydrate when they get tired exercising.

Make Sure They Have An Optimum Body Temperature

For a happy pet, physical comfort holds a crucial part for the wellbeing. If you live in an area with a low temperature, cover your dog with a coat. A well-trimmed coat for dogs ensures they never feel too warm or too cold. When your dog feels cold, their mood slumps and is depressed. So if you feel your ESA is not responding in the manner they used to be, check whether they’re feeling cold. If yes, get a coat to warm them up.

Choose the breed of pet suitable for your environment, to ensure they can comfortably survive in times of extreme cold, and provide the required support without being concerned about their health. If your ESA is physically uncomfortable, they would not be able to provide the required support. Make sure they’re well, to make most of their companionship and warmth.

Regular Visits To The Clinic

To learn whether your ESA is healthy, you need to get them checked regularly. This will also help in detecting any health condition that might be troubling your pet. When you regularly show him to the doctor, their happiness and wellbeing are not compromised.

Regular check-ups help in finding the underlying health conditions that your pet might be going through. This ensures your dog is healthy, comfortable, and always ready to provide the needed support for mental disability.

Moreover, your ESA comes in contact with many pets when they go out. So they have higher chances of contracting any infection. Regular checkups will optimize their wellbeing and happiness.

Even indoor pets should undergo a wellness exam regularly to stay healthy. Examining once or twice a year is enough to observe the changes in the pet that indicates disease. Moreover, veterinarian vaccine the pet, that bolsters the immune system and protect them from infectious diseases.


It’s important to keep your pet healthy to ensure they provide continuous emotional support. Only when they’re comfortable and properly hydrated, they can help you in managing stress levels. Moreover, they’re playful, keeps you physically active that balance your mind and body.

Also, get your pet checked regularly to detect any health conditions, and if you’re planning to train your pet to be an ESA. Get a letter written from a licensed professional to ensure ESA accompanies you to various places.