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Delores Morris
Delores Morris

Delores is an avid traveler and tries to experience as much as she can. She likes to immerse herself in the culture of the place where she is and find things to do that are not as mainstream. When she isn’t off on an adventure she likes to plan and plot her next trip.

Tips to Eat Healthy While Traveling

Travelling is fun but it can certainly ruin your nutrition game. If you are going out on a vacation or a business trip for a few days, you don’t have to compromise on your diet and health during this time. It may be difficult to stick to your healthy diet when you are travelling but it isn’t impossible.

Unlike other bloggers and writers, I am not going to suggest you carry meals along with you. I don’t think it is feasible for so many reasons. You may already have huge bags to carry or you may not be interested in taking everything and anything. You may fear that cooked food can get spoiled or it’s super inconvenient for you to carry ingredients and make yourself a meal in the middle of your journey. The tips I have for you are super easy to follow and would require you to be confident and open enough to ask for help.

Eat Before Leaving

No, I am not asking you to eat so that you don’t have to eat anything for the rest of the day. Eat before leaving your place so that you don’t starve right at the very beginning of your journey. That is one thing you can do without hesitating. Don’t overeat though. You don’t have to overeat to feel full for longer, it can actually backfire. Eat as you normally would as you are about to leave.

Carry Water and Gums

Now you may not want to carry food but water is essential, you can’t skip carrying water with you. There are times when our mind confuses feeling thirsty with starving and you may unnecessarily consume calories. Drink water to stay hydrated during your journey. Also make sure you don’t drink a lot of water as that would mean more pee breaks and nobody wants that when they are traveling.

You can even keep a few unsweetened chewing gums with you. These would serve as a great snack and keep you busy. If you are an anxious traveler or want to have a relaxing, stress free experience, I highly recommend you to carry delta 8 carts with you. Delta 8 carts basically have CBD oil in them and can help you in a number of ways during your travel journey. You can even opt for CBD oil and consume it sublingually if you can’t smoke.

Have a Full Meal

Instead of ordering starters and having salads just to stay safe, you should rather order a full meal so that you can reach your normal calorie intake and get all the nutritional values your body requires in the right amount. However, having a full meal does not mean you can order unhealthy or eat as much as you want. Appropriate food and right portion size shall be your key to have a decent, healthy meal.

Pick Healthier Alternatives of Snacks

If you have finally decided to stop and buy something from a supermarket or store on your way, instead of buying packets of chips and snacks that are super unhealthy, pick healthy alternatives. Substitute chips with oats biscuits or cookies, popcorns, soft drinks and heavily sweetened beverages with water or coffee, and if the store has fresh fruits, you can have that as well.

Google Your Answer

If you follow a particular diet and are not able to find the exact same meal that you’re supposed to have, you can always search for a substitute for the ingredient or meal that shall have similar calorie and nutritional values.

Talk to the Server

If you are at a place where you are not sure about the food or cuisine you’re about to order, you can always talk to your server and ask for their help. Servers are usually well-informed and trained for situations like these. They can help you understand the ingredients and cooking process of the meal or recommend healthier options according to your preference.

No matter where you are, you’ll find healthy options along with the unhealthy ones, you’ll just have to be smart enough to realize and pick what is better. If you aren’t sure about something, just search on the internet.

Travel Cheap and Safe In The Coronavirus Pandemic

Love traveling, but low on budget? Also, worried about how to travel during this coronavirus pandemic? How to plan a trip and stay safe amid the widespread COVID-19?

We often hear people complaining that they do not have enough money to travel! So, what to do in a constraint budget?

Budget your travels and Save Money

Coronavirus has shaken the economy of every individual and so traveling in a budget has become difficult. A tour without enough money seems to be a distant or an impossible dream! But it is possible if you do it responsibly and stay safe too. But there are plenty of ways to travel across the globe in a limited budget.

Traveling on a low budget means to take advantage of different websites and apps that can help you save money, help you lower your expenditures, and make money even while traveling.

The best way to save some bucks on traveling is by sacrificing a bit of your comfort and convenience. You travel free with free accommodation, transportation, and activities. It will reduce your travel expenses to zero.

Even if you do not earn well or are under monetary issues due to the coronavirus pandemic, then you can look for tons of options overseas! Traveling does not have to be expensive! Yes, it might not be very luxurious, but it will surely quench your thirst for traveling to a new place. If it is your priority, then you will make it happen.

How to earn and save money for your travel?

Are you having a shortage of money to have a tour of your favorite destination? You can start a job overseas to have an opportunity to travel. You will find plenty of opportunities if you are not too picky!

Get discounts or travel cards to save money on your travel. It will make you spend less. You can also start a tourism company where you become a tour guide and travel with your troop. You will not only travel but also earn a good amount of money.

Here are some ways to earn and save money for your travel:

  • Get a job overseas
  • Teach English overseas
  • Use the Sharing Economy
  • Student Discounts
  • Get a Rail Pass
  • Cook your own Meals
  • Sleep in Large Dorm Rooms
  • City Tourism Cards
  • Sell your services
  • Travel Hacking
  • Find Free Accommodation
  • Hitchhike
  • Free Walking Tour
  • Housesit
  • Use Social Network

Wouldn’t you love it if you are offered to travel for free? Apply for cards that offer free flight tickets and you will save your money there. Take your time on online surveys, earning bonuses, and finding other hacks.  For accommodation, how about adopting a couch surfing idea? You will find great people and have free stay options.

Find the best websites to book your flights and place of stay at least cost. However, do not make any compromise on your travel insurance. It will protect you against any mishap!

Tips to Stay Safe During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The pandemic has affected our lifestyle in great ways. So does traveling! Well, the World Health Organization (WHO) has asked us to avoid traveling at all.

First, think, do you really need to travel? Can it be avoided at any circumstances? If not, then you have to take precautions and be prepared before you take this trip.

Here are some tips to stay safe before, during, and after your trip:

Before Trip

  • Arrange an appointment with a health professional before your trip and have a good discussion with them.
  • Have your health insurance and see if it is on par with the country you are visiting.
  • If you are on regular medication, then take your time to be ready for all the things.
  • Evaluate the situation in the country you are traveling to.

During your Trip

  • Wear your safety gear while traveling. Have your masks, gloves, sanitizers, and tissue papers accessible.
  • Make sure to use a tissue to cover your face while coughing or sneezing and throw it after use.
  • Avoid meat products and animal markets products.
  • Maintain a one-meter distance from every individual. Especially if anyone shows symptoms of respiratory issues!
  • Have your sanitizer sprays handy. Sanitize every surface that your body supposedly touches.

After Trip

  • Once you have completed your trip, you have to monitor your health for straight two weeks.
  • Reach out to a health professional if you start to develop any fever or respiratory symptoms such as shortness of breath or cough. 

5 Free Things to do in New York

New York City is one of the most expensive cities to live and travel in the United States. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t cheap or no-cost ways to enjoy your time in the city. Of course, you can drop a bunch of coins from the  Empire State Building or dine in the fanciest restaurants. There is plenty that the city offers if you are willing to go deep down your pockets. 

But what if I told you that you could take a boat ride past the Statue of Liberty without spending a dime? Yes, that is true. New York has a lot of bargains like these ones. But to find them, you need to connect with a local who knows these tricks. Well, lucky for you, we are spelling out the beans that will help you enjoy the best parts of the city for free. Most people flock to the city for career opportunities, so if you are one of them, after sending your digital resume, enjoy the city as it is meant to be. 

So, it doesn’t really matter how small or non-existent your budget is, you will still have a great time in NYC. Book and cook in your Air B&B and you are good to take the city on a storm. So, without making you wait any further, here are some free things to do in New York. 

Staten Island Ferry

The first thing that pops into our mind when we think about New York City is the state of Liberty. With Manhattan on the right and Sleek Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on the left, lies the Statue of Liberty.  Yes, everyone wants to see lady liberty but the ferry tours start around $19 for adults. Fortunately, the Staten Island Ferry will let you experience the grandeur of the skyscrapers, the postcard dimension-ed Brooklyn Bridge, and of course the Statue of Liberty in its true magnificence absolutely free. It started service in 1905, the ferry carries around 19 million people across the harbor each year. Grab a departing boat once you are at the terminal of the Staten Island side and then enjoy the eccentric view in a rewind.  

Central Park

It doesn’t take a genius to know that parks are free. But who wants to go to a park? Well, Central Park is no common park. It is filled with statues, free events, and beautiful sites like ‘Imagine’ mosaic (it commemorates the life and death of former Beatle John Lennon), strawberry fields, and much more. Eight hundred acres of green space in the middle of uptown Manhattan is what this park offers. Not a fable! You will find bikers, nature lovers, and joggers getting their fix here every day. If you’ve had enough of the chaos of the city, Central Park offers an escape from the city.  Mostly importantly, I found Central Park to be quite a safe, if you want to avoid any travel disaster’s just like me.

New York Public Library

Library isn’t your jam? Well, this is no ordinary library. I understand the library isn’t on most people’s ‘must visit’ list but be sure to make an exception. The New York Public Library holds the world’s most comprehensive and largest collections with more than 52 million items currently being held there. This includes books, maps, musical scores, periodicals, art and architecture, print, manuscripts and archives. The library is also host to several events all around the year. It is a spectacle you mustn’t miss. And the best part is you don’t even have to spend a single buck for the tour. It is absolutely free.  

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the many signature places in New York City, Brooklyn Bridge is a must-visit. One of the oldest suspension bridges in the country, it offers some eccentric views of New York. Spanning from Brooklyn Heights to South Street Seaport, the bridge has ushered the people of New York across the east river since 1833. And the best way to experience its beauty is a 40-minute walk across the bridge. An expedition you must not miss. The view will take you to a different place. It will make you realize why decades of painters and poets have been fascinated by it. Early morning is the best time to visit the bridge because it gets crowded afterward. 

Times Square

For a better part of the last century, the brightest lights, most fascinating music, biggest parties, and star power have steamed off on a street known as Broadway. Not so long ago, the place was known to be a haven of decadence. Crafty sex shops and peep shows seeded the place before it was revitalized to the arrival of five-star tenants like David Letterman. It paved a way to the new Times Square. Today, it is one of the most influential theatrical districts in the world. It costs $0 and surely is a place to be on your ‘must-see’ list. Not to forget it hosts the largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the country. More than half a million join together to bid adieu to the passing year and welcome the new one. Whether with a family, loved one, friends, or by yourself, if you want to experience what the city is all about, Times Square is the place to be. 

6 Things You Can Cook in a Wok on Your Next Air B&B Holiday

The world has become a global village, and we are experimenting in our lives more than ever now. We are marrying people from another race; reading about other cultures, and if we leave the Trump family alone, the whole world is pretty much a happy place. With this globalization, what came as a gift in a variety of food; we have some very mean exotic foods on our plate these days. And a country which has an enormous impact on the food world is China. The Chinese food styles are taking the world by storm, and that is the reason we today are going to talk about how a person can cook six different things in a Wok.

If you love to travel with air b&b just like me, then you will know the importance of getting together a quick meal on a holiday. Not only do you save a bit on cooking yourself every now and then, but it can be helpful for travelers with gluten and other allergies. Not to forget that it gives us a chance to explore local ingredients or fix a comfort meal anytime during the day. And a wok is something that every kitchen has these days. So let’s look at a few techniques that can help you use a wok in ways you never thought you could.


Start with stir-frying, shall we? A lot of American families are adopting this technique of cooking food; for several reasons, one significant being because a minimal amount of oil is used in this; another being this method is straightforward. Stir-frying is also very healthy. So, in stir-frying, all you need is to chop your ingredients, keep them aligned in the manner you want to toss them in and some oil in the wok. Heat up the oil throw things in and ka-boom! Some of my favorite dishes from the stir-frying category are Kung Pao Chicken, pork kimchi with noodles, and green peppercorn beef with asparagus. Yep, the good old classics of the business. And there is nothing better than a stir-fry if you holidaying in some place exotic.


When Jim Carrey said it in The Mask, he must be smelling someone preparing smoked chicken in a wok near him. Smoking can easily be one of the most exotic things to do in America when it comes to cooking with a wok, not a lot of people do it. The reason that wok is such an excellent pan for smoke cooking is that it is deep, spacious, and wide, and all this gives smoke enough space to does its job correctly. I use this one simple method of all sorts of smoked cooking, scatter a few tea leaves, rice, and sugar at the bottom of a wok (foil-lined). Tea for the aroma, sugar to lighten the color of your dish, and to sweeten the dish and rice are fuels; they keep the smoke even. Now, heat the smoke till the ingredients start to smoke, quickly trap the smoke in the wok by covering it. Then like the rest of the recipes, mix your food into the smoky smoke. Make sure that the wok I clean as a whistle, if there are any food leftovers in the wok, it will burn when you try to create smoke. Also, do not go too long with your smokes; it will only make the food bitter.

The fusion of Italia and Mandarin

Who likes pasta? Well, technically, all of us do like pasta. It turns out. And our Chinese friend, Mr. Wok, can help our Italian friend, Mr. Pasta. It can help in boiling the pasta the ways you never knew. The magic equation for boiling pasta in a wok is adding five times the amount of pasta you are adding in this pan. Thanks to its perfect shape at the bottom, the wok will give you the desired pasta in no time, quickfire service if you may call it. You can cook traditional meatballs in the same wok afterward and add your pasta. For the meatballs, you can use either ground chicken, veal-pork-beef, or my favorite veal-pork. Also, to make the balls stick around, use breadcrumbs. They will dismantle if you are using whole meat. 

Deep-frying in a Wok

Deep-frying in a wok can be a highly intelligent or foolish task; it depends heavily on how you are doing it. If you must go for deep frying, it is not a healthy way of doing so; you should always go with for a wok. This Chinese pan’s concave shape needs a lesser oil than other pots, and a fully open mouth means that you can put a lot of things at the same time. But also, never fill these pans more than halfway. Water and moisture can cause the oil in the wok to spatter; in case, please dry the food before frying. If you are handy with the chopsticks, use them to drop your ingredients into the oil, while for taking them out, one can use a skimmer or a strainer. The skimmer will help you pull out a lot of pieces at one time. And this is probably useful if you love street food. Nothing better than making yourself some fish and chips on a rainy day.

Flashing Frying a Fish

Flash-frying is on that fine line between deep-frying and stir-frying. You would use a little more oil in flashing than you would use in stir-frying and a little less in that of what one would use in deep-frying. To begin, heat the oil, spread the oil, paint the whole pan with oil and add the fish, let it be a little brown. Remove the fish once it is brownish and cook other ingredients of the dish, when done with that redo the fish. 

Jiù Shì Zhèyàng 

These are some common ways and some unorthodox ways of preparing food by using a wok. No matter what your favorite cuisine is, it is essential to keep things mixing and matching on your plate. It will keep the kids happy or yourself if you are a lone wolf. 

Biggest Travel Disasters You Can Face And How to Avoid Them This Holiday Season

Have you packed everything you need for your trip? Your guidebooks, spare underwear, and hey, don’t forget your neck pillow, it’s important too. All these essentials are required to make your trip memorable and successful. There are certain things or I should say disasters that can easily ruin the fun of your well-sorted plan. Forgetting your passport at home is your problem but keeping a reminder would sort it. But, what if your passport gets stolen? The correct preparation can also help you deal with such problems. 

There can be some steps to start with to avoid any problem throughout your trip. These include labeling your luggage, carrying a copy of your birth certificate, and keeping some cash with you. In case you find yourself in some trouble, knowing how to tackle it can help you save some money and time. It will also save your vacation from getting ruined. So, follow these steps and know how to tackle the worst situations when traveling.

Losing Your Passport

It can be your worst nightmare to lose your passport. Imagine you open your bag or wallet and realize that your passport is not there anymore. Scary, right? Whether you lost it or it got stolen, either way, your first reflex action should be to act fast. You don’t know what happened to your passport, so, start by searching for your hotel room. Maybe you dropped it under the bed. Search every corner of your room. If you still don’t find it, contact your embassy.

What to do Now?

Your first step should always be to contact the police and after that immediately contact the local embassy. You would have to be physically available at your embassy to get an emergency passport to get back home. But, emergency passport has validity for a limited time only. So, once you are back in the States, apply for a new passport.

When you are leaving your home for your trip, make sure you also pack all the items that are required to get an emergency passport. If you don’t have all the essentials for getting it, you may get asked to provide an affidavit of a witness. He would have had to attest that you are indeed who you claim to be.

How to Prepare Yourself?

There are some items you will need when applying for an emergency passport. Put all those items in a bag and label it “emergency passport” or anything else you like. Also, rules for getting an emergency passport may differ from country-to-country. But no matter where you are going to keep the items listed below in the “emergency passport” bag.

A passport-size photo

A Photo ID

Proof of your citizenship

Travel itinerary

Also, it’s advisable to have a photocopy of your passport with you. 

Missing a Flight

Something I hate about flights. They could get hours late and you get no apology or discount for that. But, the day you are late even by 2 minutes at boarding, you are done. This can happen to anyone.

What to do Now?

Don’t waste your time saying goodbye to your plane and rush to your airline’s desk. Your airline might get you on the next flight, yes, it is possible. Whether you have to pay an extra charge or not depends upon your airline and whether it was your fault or not. If the next flight is booked, try to get onto the flight the next day. You can also ask them if there are any flights from their partner airlines. Always arrive on time. You may have to pay the full price of a ticket even if you get a flight. There’s also a chance that you may have to pay a little extra as you will depart the same day or the next day.

Also, if your luggage has been checked but you missed your flight, then your luggage would most probably reach the destination without you. So, run to your airline counter and ask them to locate your luggage. The airline may keep your bags until you arrive at the destination too. 

How to Prepare Yourself?

Arrive at the airport early! That’s the best advice. You can find a long check-in and security line, so, you must be extra careful. Also, check the flights online that are going to your destination on the day of your departure. List them down, so that even if you miss your flight, you have an idea of what flight are going to your destination. This way you can reach your destination on time. One of the best things you can do is to get travel insurance. It also covers missing a flight.

Bonus Tip:

If you are traveling with an emotional support dog in the US, make sure you don’t forget your ESA letter. It’s very important, as you would have to provide it when your airline authorities ask you to. Also, it is advisable to inform your airline that you will be traveling with your ESA.

5 Tropical Destinations For Visa-Free Travel

It is that time of the year. You are ready to let go of your routine existence and pack for some time of fun and excitement. You are probably looking forward to a beach holiday with tropical weather and an expansive blue ocean. 

But then, you think about the process that precedes an international holiday. Specifically, visa application. If you do not hold an American passport, you probably know the hassle.

Vacations are meant for relaxation. It should not start with you running around for visa approval. Well, I have some good news for you. There are several beautiful countries that give visa on arrival.

Here is a list of 5 beautiful tropical destinations where you can travel visa-free.


Known as the ‘Island of Gods’, Bali is a specimen of exquisite beauty. Its rich green covers and vast blue ocean will engulf you in its calm aura. You can explore its coffee gardens or take a hike up to one of its waterfalls. And yes, Bali’s coastline offers a variety of water activities. From banana boat rides to parasailing, you can try it all. Along with its natural surroundings, Bali boasts of traditional and cultural wealth. Its villages like Ubud, display a creative side of locals where you can see paintings and woodwork by locals and even buy some as souvenirs. Bali is also home to several sacred places. One of them is Mount Batur which is an active volcano surrounded by alluring views. 

Cook Islands

A place where the sky and ocean merge to present an expansive blue vistas. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a cultural explorer or an adventurer. Cook islands cater to every travelers preferences. With a total of 15 islands, you have plenty of beaches to lounge on. Spend your day exploring the ocean on a cruise or try kayaking with your friends. Discover Cook Islands’ cultural side by visiting its villages and munching on some delicious delicacies. 

These islands are also known for its amazing nightlife. You can sip on a cocktail while enjoying a colorful show put up by the locals.


Maldives can easily pass as a synonym for luxury. You must have seen or at least heard of their world renowned ‘water villas’. These accommodations have become a characteristic aspect of Mauritius. Also, they offer perfect backdrops for Instagram worthy shots. If relaxing is your priority, book a spa session at Mauritius. The best part? You can find several types here. From underwater spas to ones with ayurvedic treatments, they have it all. Mauritius is also very popular for its diving spots. While corals offer a colorful view, swimming with stingrays and sharks can be a calming experience. Maldives hosts around 21 species of dolphins and whales. If lucky, you may find them crossing the channels. For non-swimmers, underwater scooters can bring the experience of scuba diving.


Whether you prefer lazy vacations or go all out on adventure. Mauritius can be your ideal escape. Its natural wealth shines through lush forests, stunning coastlines, exquisite wildlife and rocky mountains. The island has several volcanoes that offer a panoramic view of the island. Also, you can hike your way to hidden waterfalls and caves. Its crystal clear lagoons are spots of underwater beauty. That’s not all. Mauritius’ story is embedded in a colonial history. You can find several remnants of French and British rule here including UNESCO world heritage sites Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne. After an extensive island tour, introduce your pallets to delectable cuisines of Mauritius.


Seychelles is a cluster of not seven but 115 islands amidst the Indian Ocean. The more the merrier right?  Absolutely. Each of its islands have something different to offer. From Mahé’s national parks to Praslin’s beautiful beaches. You will find an endless list of places to explore. Seychelles is also a land of heritage sites. Not just on land but also underwater. One of its famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites is Aldabra Atoll. Its colorful corals and green turtles are worth a dive. Seychelles’ beaches are loved by tourists and also giant tortoises. You can find them leisurely walking around the coastline. Feed them or take selfies with these happy creatures.

So, which one is going to be your next holiday destination?