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Delores Morris
Delores Morris

Delores is an avid traveler and tries to experience as much as she can. She likes to immerse herself in the culture of the place where she is and find things to do that are not as mainstream. When she isn’t off on an adventure she likes to plan and plot her next trip.

6 Things You Should Absolutely do in Switzerland

Switzerland is heaven! You’ve probably heard people saying that. There’s no doubt about that. There are very few places on the planet that can match the scenic beauty of Switzerland. It’s a wonderland! Even if you just go through a series of pictures, you’ll get the feel. Switzerland is blessed with the best of nature. It’s not a surprise to find the place on top of most travelers’ priority list. This small country is not just about the snow-clad mountains. The food, culture, and environment is unlike anywhere else. Planning a trip? Well, there are somethings that you should definitely do in Switzerland.

Ski through the Matterhorn

A fan of skiing? Well, there is no better spot than the ski resort at Zermatt. The smooth slopes will invite you to glide through the snow while catching stunning views of the Matterhorn. If you don’t want to face the snow, there is an alternate option too. Take a 30 minutes cable ride to reach the Rothorn summit. Once you reach the spot, you’ll find a view to behold. With snow-capped mountains enveloping you from all the sides, you’ll be in awe of the gorgeous view. 

Indulge in the local culture

No matter where you go, it is bound to have a distinct culture that is unique to that place. The same goes for Switzerland. It has 26 cantons in the country and each one has something different that loads you with the beauty of different cultures. The festivals and traditions will give you the impression that you’re in a completely different place. Go to Mount Rigi if you want to taste a punch of Swiss Wrestling or visit Basler Fasnacht to catch an army of drummers and masked pipers strolling down the streets of Basel. Need an adventure away from the mountains? Be a part of the Witches Downhill Race at Valais. You’ll surely love it!

And don’t forget to try to local cannabis if you get hands on it. Although cannabis was re-criminalized here in 2002, but it is very unlikely that you will face any serious problems if you consume an edible or two. It’s not like you may require a medical marijuana card, like back in the States.

Visit the Swiss National Park

Want to capture the beauty of nature from close? Visit the Swiss National Park and you’ll essentially find answers to your longing for stunning nature. Located in Graudbunden, this national park has over 80 km of adventurous trails and a landscape spanning over 170 kilometers. Golden eagles, chamois, marmots, and vultures are part of the wildlife that you’ll spot on your hiking trails. The Swiss government is very strict about conservation. There is a rule that you have to follow. You cannot leave a trail once you start it. Do remember that! Well, there’s no reason you’ll ever leave. The stunning views will keep you captivated. 

Unlock the secrets of the universe at CERN

Want to gain access to the secrets of the origin of the universe? Visit the Large Hadron Collider. Located on the outskirts of Geneva, LHC houses a particle accelerator that stretches over 27 kilometers ring beneath the Swiss and French territory. The ‘Universe of Particles’ experiment is something that you cannot afford to miss. It will give you a glimpse through the concept and people behind the Large Hadron Collider. There are specific tours that give you access to the cosmic experience.  Make sure you book them in advance as they fill up pretty quick. 

Taste some exclusive wines

Switzerland is a place that is known for its watches, chocolates, and cheeses but wines are pretty exquisite too. The country has some of the best wines you’ll ever taste. The fact that makes it exclusive is the superior taste that is unique and you won’t find it in other parts of the world. Also, only a considerable quantity is exported. Looking for a place? Visit caves ouvertes in summer. You’ll get a glass of wine for a nominal price and it gives you access to unlimited wine. Yes, it means you can taste as much as you like. Vaud canton has some of the best vineyards in the country. Like the Lavaux vineyards spreads over 12 kilometers. You won’t regret paying a visit. The fresh environment, clean mountain air, and the scenic beauty will fill you with a breathtaking experience. 

Taste the world’s best chocolate

Swiss chocolates are famous around the world. There’s a reason that makes them so delectable. It’s the mastery of the chocolatiers. The art is passed on through generations and is unlike anywhere else on the planet. Visit Kilchberg and train to become a chocolatier or visit Maison Cailler, the oldest chocolate factory in the world. Heard of Lindt chocolates? Visit Zurich and learn how it all began. This journey will introduce you to the delectable world of Swiss chocolates that will keep your sweet tooth satisfied. 

Need more reasons to visit Switzerland? Well, there’s so much to explore. The adventure it offers and the beauty of nature is unmatchable. Swiss mountains will surely be one of the best places you’d visit!

5 Tropical Destinations For Visa-Free Travel

It is that time of the year. You are ready to let go of your routine existence and pack for some time of fun and excitement. You are probably looking forward to a beach holiday with tropical weather and an expansive blue ocean. 

But then, you think about the process that precedes an international holiday. Specifically, visa application. If you do not hold an American passport, you probably know the hassle.

Vacations are meant for relaxation. It should not start with you running around for visa approval. Well, I have some good news for you. There are several beautiful countries that give visa on arrival.

Here is a list of 5 beautiful tropical destinations where you can travel visa-free.


Known as the ‘Island of Gods’, Bali is a specimen of exquisite beauty. Its rich green covers and vast blue ocean will engulf you in its calm aura. You can explore its coffee gardens or take a hike up to one of its waterfalls. And yes, Bali’s coastline offers a variety of water activities. From banana boat rides to parasailing, you can try it all. Along with its natural surroundings, Bali boasts of traditional and cultural wealth. Its villages like Ubud, display a creative side of locals where you can see paintings and woodwork by locals and even buy some as souvenirs. Bali is also home to several sacred places. One of them is Mount Batur which is an active volcano surrounded by alluring views. 

Cook Islands

A place where the sky and ocean merge to present an expansive blue vistas. Whether you are a nature enthusiast, a cultural explorer or an adventurer. Cook islands cater to every travelers preferences. With a total of 15 islands, you have plenty of beaches to lounge on. Spend your day exploring the ocean on a cruise or try kayaking with your friends. Discover Cook Islands’ cultural side by visiting its villages and munching on some delicious delicacies. 

These islands are also known for its amazing nightlife. You can sip on a cocktail while enjoying a colorful show put up by the locals.


Maldives can easily pass as a synonym for luxury. You must have seen or at least heard of their world renowned ‘water villas’. These accommodations have become a characteristic aspect of Mauritius. Also, they offer perfect backdrops for Instagram worthy shots. If relaxing is your priority, book a spa session at Mauritius. The best part? You can find several types here. From underwater spas to ones with ayurvedic treatments, they have it all. Mauritius is also very popular for its diving spots. While corals offer a colorful view, swimming with stingrays and sharks can be a calming experience. Maldives hosts around 21 species of dolphins and whales. If lucky, you may find them crossing the channels. For non-swimmers, underwater scooters can bring the experience of scuba diving.


Whether you prefer lazy vacations or go all out on adventure. Mauritius can be your ideal escape. Its natural wealth shines through lush forests, stunning coastlines, exquisite wildlife and rocky mountains. The island has several volcanoes that offer a panoramic view of the island. Also, you can hike your way to hidden waterfalls and caves. Its crystal clear lagoons are spots of underwater beauty. That’s not all. Mauritius’ story is embedded in a colonial history. You can find several remnants of French and British rule here including UNESCO world heritage sites Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne. After an extensive island tour, introduce your pallets to delectable cuisines of Mauritius.


Seychelles is a cluster of not seven but 115 islands amidst the Indian Ocean. The more the merrier right?  Absolutely. Each of its islands have something different to offer. From Mahé’s national parks to Praslin’s beautiful beaches. You will find an endless list of places to explore. Seychelles is also a land of heritage sites. Not just on land but also underwater. One of its famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites is Aldabra Atoll. Its colorful corals and green turtles are worth a dive. Seychelles’ beaches are loved by tourists and also giant tortoises. You can find them leisurely walking around the coastline. Feed them or take selfies with these happy creatures.

So, which one is going to be your next holiday destination?