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Delores Morris
Delores Morris

Delores is an avid traveler and tries to experience as much as she can. She likes to immerse herself in the culture of the place where she is and find things to do that are not as mainstream. When she isn’t off on an adventure she likes to plan and plot her next trip.

6 Things You Can Cook in a Wok on Your Next Air B&B Holiday

The world has become a global village, and we are experimenting in our lives more than ever now. We are marrying people from another race; reading about other cultures, and if we leave the Trump family alone, the whole world is pretty much a happy place. With this globalization, what came as a gift in a variety of food; we have some very mean exotic foods on our plate these days. And a country which has an enormous impact on the food world is China. The Chinese food styles are taking the world by storm, and that is the reason we today are going to talk about how a person can cook six different things in a Wok.

If you love to travel with air b&b just like me, then you will know the importance of getting together a quick meal on a holiday. Not only do you save a bit on cooking yourself every now and then, but it can be helpful for travelers with gluten and other allergies. Not to forget that it gives us a chance to explore local ingredients or fix a comfort meal anytime during the day. And a wok is something that every kitchen has these days. So let’s look at a few techniques that can help you use a wok in ways you never thought you could.


Start with stir-frying, shall we? A lot of American families are adopting this technique of cooking food; for several reasons, one significant being because a minimal amount of oil is used in this; another being this method is straightforward. Stir-frying is also very healthy. So, in stir-frying, all you need is to chop your ingredients, keep them aligned in the manner you want to toss them in and some oil in the wok. Heat up the oil throw things in and ka-boom! Some of my favorite dishes from the stir-frying category are Kung Pao Chicken, pork kimchi with noodles, and green peppercorn beef with asparagus. Yep, the good old classics of the business. And there is nothing better than a stir-fry if you holidaying in some place exotic.


When Jim Carrey said it in The Mask, he must be smelling someone preparing smoked chicken in a wok near him. Smoking can easily be one of the most exotic things to do in America when it comes to cooking with a wok, not a lot of people do it. The reason that wok is such an excellent pan for smoke cooking is that it is deep, spacious, and wide, and all this gives smoke enough space to does its job correctly. I use this one simple method of all sorts of smoked cooking, scatter a few tea leaves, rice, and sugar at the bottom of a wok (foil-lined). Tea for the aroma, sugar to lighten the color of your dish, and to sweeten the dish and rice are fuels; they keep the smoke even. Now, heat the smoke till the ingredients start to smoke, quickly trap the smoke in the wok by covering it. Then like the rest of the recipes, mix your food into the smoky smoke. Make sure that the wok I clean as a whistle, if there are any food leftovers in the wok, it will burn when you try to create smoke. Also, do not go too long with your smokes; it will only make the food bitter.

The fusion of Italia and Mandarin

Who likes pasta? Well, technically, all of us do like pasta. It turns out. And our Chinese friend, Mr. Wok, can help our Italian friend, Mr. Pasta. It can help in boiling the pasta the ways you never knew. The magic equation for boiling pasta in a wok is adding five times the amount of pasta you are adding in this pan. Thanks to its perfect shape at the bottom, the wok will give you the desired pasta in no time, quickfire service if you may call it. You can cook traditional meatballs in the same wok afterward and add your pasta. For the meatballs, you can use either ground chicken, veal-pork-beef, or my favorite veal-pork. Also, to make the balls stick around, use breadcrumbs. They will dismantle if you are using whole meat. 

Deep-frying in a Wok

Deep-frying in a wok can be a highly intelligent or foolish task; it depends heavily on how you are doing it. If you must go for deep frying, it is not a healthy way of doing so; you should always go with for a wok. This Chinese pan’s concave shape needs a lesser oil than other pots, and a fully open mouth means that you can put a lot of things at the same time. But also, never fill these pans more than halfway. Water and moisture can cause the oil in the wok to spatter; in case, please dry the food before frying. If you are handy with the chopsticks, use them to drop your ingredients into the oil, while for taking them out, one can use a skimmer or a strainer. The skimmer will help you pull out a lot of pieces at one time. And this is probably useful if you love street food. Nothing better than making yourself some fish and chips on a rainy day.

Flashing Frying a Fish

Flash-frying is on that fine line between deep-frying and stir-frying. You would use a little more oil in flashing than you would use in stir-frying and a little less in that of what one would use in deep-frying. To begin, heat the oil, spread the oil, paint the whole pan with oil and add the fish, let it be a little brown. Remove the fish once it is brownish and cook other ingredients of the dish, when done with that redo the fish. 

Jiù Shì Zhèyàng 

These are some common ways and some unorthodox ways of preparing food by using a wok. No matter what your favorite cuisine is, it is essential to keep things mixing and matching on your plate. It will keep the kids happy or yourself if you are a lone wolf.